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We are dedicated to creating cheap promotional products, etched glass, one of a kind plushies, and even commissioned costumes for fans of sci-fi, anime, steam punk, and all other convention goers. No matter if you are a brony or a furry, we will have products that would make a welcome addition to your home. All of our products can be carefully shipped to you, or if you would rather not pay shipping, visit us at one of the many conventions we attend. We would love to see you there!

We are an independently run business, in operation for over 10 years traveling to conventions artist's alley and dealer's rooms. We create our plush, etched glass, and jewelry ourselves catering to the tastes of today's anime, furry, brony, sci-fi, and steampunk fans. We also teach several workshops and panels for the fans, helping conventions with content and staffing. Learn more about us. Browse through the gallery showcasing some of the many products we carry. Check to see which conventions we are going to be at next. Or contact us to ask about how we can create a custom product for you or your convention. We promise you won't find such unique items anywhere else, for such an affordable price.

Dog Tags!

And the Majik continues now with dog tags. We offer dog tags for a variety of fandoms available. See Majik at her next show for more details.

Dr. Who glasses are here. We have all 12 doctors currently, (our TARDIS isn't working or else we'd have the 13th), and we also have designs for the dallack, Tardis, and much more. It is all available at our store now!



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