You may be asking.. who is this man? This.. is Steam Putz! This is why Arisia is wonderful and bewildering and just a lark. Photos by Ed at The Dragon's Lair,(That's the booth, too!), vest and cape by MajikCraft.
Kyoshi Warriors from Avatar:The Last Airbender made entirely by MajikCraft
Baby Grunty, by MajikCraft. After all these years, the costume is on it's second owner, and is STILL in fantastic shape!! Last seen at AnthroCon 2011.
Star Fox, made in collaboration with Vest, overalls, tail, holster, bandana, and fur-sleeved t-shirt by MajikCraft. Boots, belt, head, gloves, and bracers by (And, oh yeah, I made the backpack, but it's not shown here.)
Renamon by MajikCraft, Rika by (not MajikCraft, but she looks great, doesn't she?)



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