Our Kickstarter is going strong

As you can see our KickStarter is up and going strong. We are almost 2/5ths of the way there! If you haven't liked us or shared us with your friends please do.


It has also been suggested we add numbers to the T-shirts, so I have posted a survey here where you can vote as to how you would like that to look.


Our APL logo is also done, and we have it in two colors green and red. We are not sure which one we like the best, so we would like to let you decide. Please vote and let us know what you think!


MajikCraft KickStarter survey

Which T-shirt design do you like most

Which APL Logo is your favorite?

Other Ideas for APL

So you checked out our KickStarter project, and now you want to know what other ideas we have. Well first I want to say that if you backed us, that the money only goes towards the Cloudsdale Thunder jerseys, and shirts. (Or Baltimare Nightmares if we reach our stretch goals). Still we have other team ideas, and this is where you come in. If you think you have a good idea for a team name or a pony player name please e-mail us at We will post some of our favorite team and pony names here and we might even use some of them in other runs. Thank you for checking us out and thank you for supporting us!!!

Potential Team Names


Cloudsdale Thunder

Baltimare Nightmares

Fillydelphia Flyers

Hooford Hydras

Vanhoofer Hooves

Detrot Firewings



Canterlot Chargers

Ponyville Parasprites

Fillydelphia Griffins

Chicacolt - Ursa Majors



Seaddle Rainbooms

Whinnyapolis Timberwolves

Canterlot Star Swirls

Manehatten Globetrotters



Fillydelphia Harmony



Fillydelphia Fillies

Some of our Favorite Pony Player Names

Steed Icermane - Center for Detrot Firewings

Adam Hoofe - Defencepony for Cloudsdale Thunder

Ron Haystall - Goalie for Fillydelphia Flyers



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